1. AweseomeTownie

    Whew!! Is there a breeze here or am I getting the vapors?

  2. Have I mentioned how much I love the air?

  3. Krikey, I almost exposed me kangaroo pouch!

  4. tlmck

    That was one powerful queef.

  5. Almost a great photo.

  6. Protip: Air circulation is good for a yeast infection.

  7. “Are you sure this is how Marilyn Monroe did it?”

  8. Mike701

    You have to excuse me Drake just murdered my vagina.

  9. Oh gross! I absolutely hate this insufferable woman. She’s on a morning-couch-softnews show. She sucks at it and is humourless. Like Anne Curry.

  10. …and that is how you do the “tranny tuck”.

  11. cc

    What a witch.

  12. Just a little something I throw on after 30 minutes in the tanning booth.

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