1. Janice Dickinson getting a makeover? Is it really even worth it at this point?

  2. That girl has a look like “Holy shit, I am fucked on this one”

  3. Inner Retard

    Ironic. People get plastic surgery to cover up their looks. Then get makeup to cover up the plastic surgery. Why not just cut out the middle man and go for makeup?

  4. Phil

    “uh…do we even have an orbital sander???”

  5. ‘Genuine concern’ is not a good thing to see on a makeup artist’s face.

  6. Qmak

    Bruce Jenner’s transformation has gotten out of hand.

  7. I would have assumed a makeover would have included removing her face completely and starting over.

  8. Hopalong

    I didn’t know the spackle department at Home Depot did makeovers.

  9. She is a real tragedy. She fucked up her face beyond repair. She was so beautiful, too.

  10. buzz

    Looks like Demi Lavato got that gig at the make up counter after all.

  11. I suppose I’m not entirely surprised that Boy George would end up working in cosmetics.

  12. With a fucked up face like that, maybe its time to be become a freedom fighter named V.

  13. It didnt work, you can still see her face

  14. yeah, make it over again

  15. tlmck

    Even Oscar Goldman said no.

  16. BeckyStyles

    Looks about 2% done

  17. Getting a makeover? Are you sure? Oh, wait! I see where they shoveled a wheelbarrow full of mortar onto her cheek…

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