1. Joe Blow

    Welcome to the Freak Show.

  2. Inner Retard

    Maddox has the uncanny understanding of loving those tits and knowing it’s completely legit. Zahara, well, she just wants to get the fuck out of there.

  3. S. Strothers

    Zahara still has the “less than the cost of a cup of coffee, won’t you please help?” look.

  4. He smiled and kept walking. She hadn’t noticed yet, but she would eventually. By that time, she would have no choice but to adopt him as well.

  5. Zahara looks like she’s still waiting to be rescued.

  6. Oh Boy

    Long Duck Dong Jr.

  7. JungleRed

    Really, Zebra Print? I’m surprised she hasn’t put the Asian one in a Kung Fu outfit. Zahara knows what I’m talking about.

  8. Call me crazy but these kids must have had different fathers….

  9. “Get your bitch faces out kids and let everyone know you’re better than them.”

  10. cc

    Slipknot is still around?

  11. devilsrain

    Zahara has the same look Blanket has. Like wtf am I doing here

  12. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    That kid has the look on her face that says, If you only knew the shit this b*tch is putting me through, you’d find me a Woody Allen to rescue me from her grip.

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