1. Dox

    I sense…. cock.

  2. Inner Retard

    Blanda Eggenschwiler cannot be a real name! Is Engelbert Humperdinck giving out suggestions now?!

  3. Joe: Did you see the ass on that guy?
    Blanda: (crying on the inside) That’s my Joe. (silently repeats ‘cha-ching’ to herself)

  4. That look on her face shows she so sick of his shit.

  5. charlesatlas

    Shouldnt her title be spelled like this “girlfriend?”

  6. Who’s blanda, Joe or his girlfriend?

  7. I’m no expert, but Blanda Eggenschwiler probably translates as “unfertilized eggs”

  8. Joe Jonas with his girlfriend Ivanahava Pretendname

  9. Johnny Barbells

    …calves like simpson.

  10. If Blanda Eggenschwiler married Arnold Schwarzenegger her name would be Blanda Eggenschwiler Schwarzenegger, which is Ancient Germanic for “May I buy another vowel, Pat?”

  11. “Give me your purse. I’m going to go strike that guy!”

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