1. “Just wrap it all..”

  2. Colin

    “Whaddya mean you don’t do supersize here?”

  3. Deacon Jones

    ” *psst* ….you. yeah you at the counter. did you look at my job application ye *COUGH*…UH, YES, I’LL HAVE A VEGGIE DELIGHT ON WHEAT PLEASE”

  4. Bucky Barnes

    “So, Britney called me ‘trailer trash’? Did she mean it in a good way?”

  5. …and, uh….some mayonnaise. More. A little more. More. More. That’s good… wait, more.

  6. “What do you mean, I can’t be here on my day off. Go get Kenny… me and him gonna settle this right now.”

  7. Cali

    Nice Walmart Attire,,

  8. adolf hitler

    it worked for jared

  9. Arzach

    “Bring the wheeled steel cart for Mr. Federline order!!!, wait! make it two!!!”

  10. Robb

    For the last time, I am not Dennis Franz!

  11. The only shock is seeing him on the customer side of the counter.

  12. “but sir…we don’t even HAVE a fryer even if we wanted to “Brittneyfy” your sandwich”

  13. “Yeah, I’ll have a footlong meatball. Extra cheese, mayo and meatballs.”

    “Any other toppings, sir?”

    “Yeah..three footlong meatball subs.”

  14. Agwings

    NOT the next Jared Fogle.

  15. eab74

    Guess Celebrity Fit Club didn’t take…

  16. cc

    ‘The biggest loser’ can mean so many things.

  17. This is the last time I’m telling you! The “Federline” is Baloney, ham and cottage cheese on white bread. Crimony!

  18. nikki

    “sweatpants in public”
    “kfed in line to pay for something himself”

    one of these things is not like the others. one of these things doesn’t belong.

  19. ingress

    I’ll have the OM Nom nom

  20. dontlooknow

    When all other weight-loss options have failed, turn to Jared.

  21. “Hi, can I get two foot-long PoPoZaos with errthing on ‘em, and can you hit them one more time with the mayo?”

  22. KayKay

    I guess Brittany doesnt pay as much as she used to.

  23. Does it still count as healthy if you order more than 25?

  24. friendlyfires

    Lookout Jared, I’m gaining on your ass!

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