1. Snickers

    Elin Nordegren?

  2. boo-de-sac

    yet more proof makeup is evil

  3. Unimate

    She looks lovely as a normal person. Never much cared for her before.

  4. Looks like a version of Melanie Griffith that I could keep a boner going for.

  5. tits

    I thought she was pretty. hmph.

  6. Deacon Jones

    “Hi, I’m Eric Skarsgard, and this is a public service announcement.”

  7. Wait, slow this down for a second. Brooklyn Decker has a face?

  8. So she got a Roomba and then fell asleep on the floor. Who hasn’t had to cut a robot out of their hair before?

  9. Arzach

    No boobs? NEXT!

  10. MrsEllis

    Hey, I just noticed for the first time she looks like the blond kid in Weeds.

  11. trollegy

    meg ryan?

  12. cc

    You’re kidding right?

  13. AC

    What was she arrested for?

  14. Hmmm…as a real person she looks pretty good.

  15. H6E6X6

    David Spade really needs to get a damn haircut

  16. Josh

    I thought Hansen would look older by now.

  17. eatme

    unless Brooklyn has her boobies out, she is rather meh (it takes a skilled photographer (and tig bitties) to hide a pig nose)

  18. Man, she’s got eyes and a nose and everything…who knew?

  19. jaypee

    she is only 23 but looks 3 days shy of 36, no?

  20. Jack

    I love shots like this. Designed to make us go, “oh look, she’s nothing special without makeup, see?” Bullshit. If you take that shirt off and pan down, every straight man, half the gay ones and even a few dead ones would be sprouting wood for miles around. Take of the rest of her clothes and a fair number of esecially horny teens could pop without touching themselves. Don’t kid yourself–this is an incredibly hot chick. Yes, they spend a lot of time on making up their faces. But when this woman’s clothes come off, the LAST thing you’ll notice is that she even has a head. . .

  21. slappy magoo

    What’s with the dark under her eyes? Did she just get out of Chris Brown’s limo?

  22. Charmless Man

    I see she went for the 90′s Sorority Girl look.

  23. KayKay

    Oh she went for the “I gave my two year old scissors just to see what happens” look….

  24. Looks like Beck got a devil’s haircut, in my mind. Now go make me a new album.

  25. Eli

    She went for the “I’m irrelevant look”. Boooring.

  26. It’s like a 14 year old boy’s school photo.

  27. lili

    So River Phoenix didn’t really die?

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