1. “I am crrrushing your nuts..”

  2. BigJim

    It’s like “Faces of meth” meets AIDS Awareness Week.

  3. Jynx

    I’m not gonna lie…that haircut/scruff is kind of hot. I didn’t recognize him.

  4. He must have heard Celine Dion’s going back to Vegas.

  5. Jill_Ess

    Looks like he’s making a FaBuLoUsSs! exit.

  6. upset he didn’t get a chance meet his Twlight crush,Rob Patterson. is now asking people to help hook him up.

  7. Tip Your Veal

    He is wise to be practicing his hand-out pose.

  8. Jeremy Feist

    “Only one finger? No no no… You best come correct. Anything less than the whole fist is an insult to Joe Jonas.”

  9. The race is on for which will grow in first… The rest of that beard of his uni-brow.

  10. It goes in like this. You make the fist AFTER!

  11. Josh

    I’m not swallowing until you pay me.

  12. Dear diary, today I went to Mauro’s with an obvious heart on.

  13. Ksurfiws

    Jesus. It’s looks like George Michael hasn’t aged a bit!

  14. john travolta

    is he handing out purity rings?

  15. DonDopey

    I can take… your… breath away.

  16. dontlooknow

    I’ve got a heart-on for you.

  17. heahie

    Someone needs to tell him his brows need waxing.

  18. slappy magoo

    Joe Jonas IS Colin Farrell IN “Ron Livingston With AIDS: Asspiring Proctologist.”

  19. tito

    this season of entourage looks awful.

  20. Charmless Man

    “Take my virginity. Please. PLEASE!!”

  21. cpc23

    DJ AM not dead of drug overdose! Shitty DJ sets will continue.

  22. KayKay

    “do my fingers smell like ass to you?”

  23. cathy

    Mr. Bean is looking good!

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