1. Deacon Jones

    Holy shit, Kevin Spacey has to stop going to those pot shops in Cali….

  2. KWDragon

    Kathy Griffin is looking buff these days.

  3. …THIS is how close I am to punching you if you call me Ronald McDonald one more time.

  4. Cali

    Its nice to see such physically strong role models for us women. V powa!

  5. “Holy shit! This half-eaten cookie will make a fantastic bit for my next show. I’d better call my agent and get him to book the Denny’s parking lot again.”

  6. Zed

    Wow… Debra Messing two days in a row!

  7. Robb

    This Spring….terror has a new face.

  8. Like being born a Ginger of the Orangutan variety wasn’t bad enough… Poor bastard…

  9. Dino Spumoni

    “But drugs, that’s a dirty business.”

  10. Cock Dr


    • That seems a dangerous guessing game my friend…
      I got the one about Chyna wrong so I will abstain…
      I should have trusted my instincts and never guessed female…

  11. This is why Ronald McDonald should never have kids.

  12. GeorgeWBush

    Hmmm, Joe Jonas and Carrot Top at the same place and at the same time..a repressed closet gay Christian and a sad looking tranney…who knew.

  13. cc

    I’d make a joke but I am too good to pick on the low-lying fruit.

  14. It is not a question of whether he WILL eat the booger in his hand but a question of WHEN.

  15. H6E6X6

    “I packed this fudge myself.”

  16. Just me and my fingers. Me and my fingers. Just stare at the fingers and you won’t see them staring. Just stare at the fingers and you won’t hear them laughing. Three blocks to home. Just follow the fingers.

  17. Wait a minute…Carrot tops are green. Why am I just now realizing this?!

  18. Double D

    I would totally f*** redhead Julianna Margulise.

  19. hmna

    “Yeah, my balls are now this small. Don’t do sterioids, kids.”

  20. john travolta

    he can finally SEE the world’s tiniest violin playing just for him

  21. Obviously

    You get horses to go places by putting carrots in front of them, this carrot has been trained to go places by putting a cookie in front of itself.

  22. Elle

    Maybe if he skipped the eyeliner and botox it would help him look a quarter decent….actually no, no it wont.

  23. dontlooknow

    Suspiciously, two minutes after Joe Jonas….

  24. heahie

    Wonder if he and Joe had a date.

  25. slappy magoo

    Gallagher got this many fingers in me in exchange for my virus protection sight gag. It’s a giant rubber on a laptop! Get it! Because computers get virus and…OK, just promise you won’t bury me in a shallow grave.

  26. Charmless Man

    Anyone else (who watched Lost) find it ironic that he’s wearing a T-shirt that says Hurley on it?

  27. JosieBelle

    Did he just get done having a totally hetero meal with Joe Jonas?

  28. KayKay

    and they said the radiation from Japan didnt make it over to the west coast…….

    what? too soon?

  29. cc

    I see he is wearing the bracelet of supergay on his right wrist.

  30. Has anyone else noticed that’s the same cafe Joe Jonas walked out of?

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