1. For a second I thought Val Kilmer had just given up altogether..

  2. Wait, Reese Witherspoon’s dad is fat Jack Bauer?

  3. Does Reese Witherspoon know she’s adopted?

  4. adolf hitler

    who the fuck are these stereotypical americans?

  5. She must have gotten the recessive gene…

  6. Aquatic Fajita

    I guess they named her after the peanut butter cups.

  7. Cock Dr

    Oh come on. These people are not celebrities & aren’t trying to be either.

  8. Deacon Jones

    “Well I’ll be DAMNED Betty. That’s the last cotton-picking time I go to a Cracker Barrel on the West Coast. I told ya time and time again IHOP is the way to go!”

  9. Tip Your Veal

    That’s not her dad. That’s her brother.

  10. cc

    Hard to believe they’re from Tennessee.

  11. Reese Witherspoon’s parents are twins?

  12. H6E6X6

    I guess it all went to her chin.

  13. Correction: This is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup’ Witherspoon’s parents.

  14. krisps

    … Matthew Perry?

  15. Tortilla Chip Salad

    Chandler and Phoebe really let themselves go…

  16. really?

    Mr. Fish, this is a picture of grandparents with their granddaughters. Why would this picture even be on this website, yet alone fall into the category of missed crap?

  17. DonDopey

    Everyone is so disappointed to be there.

  18. Eli

    Mom? Dad?!

  19. I think that’s Chandler. With Joey in drag.

  20. matti

    Everyone is so disappointed to be here, you mean.

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