1. Bucky Barnes

    Is the new movie a Phil Hartman bio-pic?

  2. The Pope of Cleveland

    Forget about Tom Hanks, how big is that fucking tree?!

  3. Cali

    Phil Hartman??? He lives!!!!

  4. I see Tom Hanks is a fan of the $99 lambskin jacket from Costco as well..fine choice my man, fine choice.

  5. MrsEllis

    When will Hollywood stop raping novels that I liked?

  6. Storm

    I sure hope he didn’t use method acting while preparing for the role of child molester.

  7. erin

    I see he’s reprising his role in ‘Big.’

  8. cc

    Dockers? Seriously?

  9. Mark R

    If only he’d been riding bitch on a moped with a hello kitty helmet and his other arm wrapped tightly around his wife.

  10. Leather jacket, check. Faraway look, check. Jaunty pose, check. Juice box, check. Wait, what?

  11. hello

    Remember sad Keanu? This is worried Tom.

  12. He’s…
    Is he…
    Run, uh…!

    Nah, I can’t, I just love the guy too much.

  13. john travolta

    is this a sequel to sleepless in seattle?

  14. DonDopey

    If they were going to do a “Dave’s World” movie, they should just call it “Dave’s World.”

  15. ingress


  16. Seat Filler

    I thought Tom Hanks gets in to character that ensemble always is accesorized but a giant Bluetooth headset

  17. tito

    this is the part of the sequel where forrest invents the lands end catalog.

  18. cc

    If I act all casual…leaning against a tree and sipping from this juice box…maybe no one will thing it’s odd I am hanging around a playground.

  19. KayKay

    “Like stealing candy from a baby”….he chuckled to himself *slurp*

  20. Bj

    Yeah, kids, he’s got more 100% juice in his pe- i mean the van.

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