1. Sean Bean in London? More like Sean Bean inebriated.

  2. Mike701

    Right now he is thinking ” What’s that saying about shagging an ugly girl is like riding a girls bike? Just as fun but you just don’t want your mates to see you? Shite!”

  3. The plan was to go barhopping to 5 bars. Mr. Bean however, died of alcohol poisoning sometime while traveling to the third bar after taking some sots for some of the lightweights in the group. No one was shocked, but all were still very saddened.

  4. Oh, groovy, Sean Bean. He fucking got killed off in Game of Thrones.” Nobody gives a fuck about him anymore. So who is the hot chick?

  5. Skippy86

    “One does not simply start banging hot chicks after becoming a movie star”

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