1. Skippy86

    Something there about being gay and light on his feet.

  2. Radadoon

    Did someone say a game of Quidditch? Who needs a broom, we have the super-alloy jumpsuits!

  3. He’s finally ascending to be with the Father.

  4. Contusion

    Justin Bieber performing his new hit single, “Daisy Chain.”

  5. Danzig777

    All aboard the douche train.

  6. When a skinny kid wants to look manly, he makes the men around him wear ridiculous outfits.

  7. Brit

    Not pictured: manly men lying on the stage below. Opposites repel.

  8. Matt

    Invisible horsies!

  9. Stop! Hammertime!

  10. He’s being worked as a puppet from the guy behind. Once inserted, the bandana guy jumps up, Bieber goes with him.

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