1. the thumbnail looked so good.

  2. “Okay, so we’re doing a TCWM today after all, Photo Boy. Get me someone in a bikini for the Final Five, STAT!”

    “Here. This is the best I could do on short notice.”

    “Are you shitting me? UNACCEPTABLE.”

    “Eh. Do whatever you want to me. I just spent six hours staring at Jon Hamm’s penis, so I can take anything you got.”

  3. You better have some naked pictures of Jessica Alba to compensate for the eye cancer this just gave me.

  4. Wow, there is a lot of stuff getting moved around in this picture. I’m imagining the sound of glass breaking and mini vans crashing.

  5. Let’s look at the bright side: at least there isn’t a lip slip!

  6. I get the feeling this is just some drunk person at the beach they made a name up for, assuming no one would double check it. Well CHALLENGE avoided.

  7. What the fuck kind of Final Five is this shit?

  8. is she doing a cartwheel?

  9. “Dude… your Mom really needs to go. She’s totally ruining our beach party”.

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