1. Skippy86

    “Told you that you need to floss after the facials”

  2. Dentist: Ms. Sand, I am looking at the last part of you not made of plastic, bicuspid #3.

    Shauna: GET IT OUT OF ME!!!!

  3. double gloves, buddy. double gloves.

  4. lawn

    Jesus Christ, what makes her think anybody wants to see this?!?

  5. “Okay, Ms. Sand. Open wide…good! Now I’m going to stick this long rod into your mouth…very good. You must really like going to the dentist, Ms. Sand, I’ve never had such a cooperative patient.”

  6. Contusion

    I had no idea they could insert implants through your gums now.

  7. Please don’t miss any doctor, I really can’t get pregnant!

  8. I dread her next Pap smear.

  9. Worst abortion doctor ever.

  10. Her teeth are white because they’re constantly coated in another thing that’s white. If you know what I mean.

  11. “Ok now Ms Sand, I need you to open wide…wow, you’re good”

  12. Getting her deep under anesthesia not required for groping and molestation.

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