1. Dear Academy,

    Please give this year’s “Actress in a Leading Role” Oscar to the chick taking the picture. Anyone who can feign that much excitement at the presence of Jaden Smith is a thespian like none other.

  2. When did Jaden Smith become Asian?

  3. This guy is king of the douches, but he hasn’t even hit his peak yet. What’s that tell ya’?

  4. I’m disappointed in you, ladies. You had the perfect chance to take him out. Punch him in the face. Do something!

    Opportunity wasted.

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    Jada’s moustache is getting out of control, but I do like the skirt.

  6. “See my Twitter account Jayden? No douche posts. Only pictures of food.”

  7. Is that the boy or the girl?

  8. Someone please drown this little person and while your at it Justin Beiber too!

  9. Really a fucking skirt and leggings? What an annoying little poof.

  10. Capt Obvious

    The terrorists have won.

  11. j/k

    Even Magic Johnson is laughing at Will Smith.

  12. That’s not a mustache, Jayden just really loves getting filthy Sanchez

  13. Yo fans hide yo boyfrenz hide yo brothas hide yo daddies cuz he be methodin da shit outtada upcomin Antoine Dodson biopic here.

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