1. Is this the one that suntans her vag?

  2. Dox

    Yeah, that looks completely natural.
    Not stiff, posed, or awkward in any way.

  3. Fuck Kate Winslet.

    Hello, Shailene. She may be pretty homely without makeup, but hey can’t have everything.

    • …dude, c’mon, how you gonna leave me hangin’ like that …what’s this anti-kate info you’ve got? what did i miss? is it racist? (it’s always racist) …she took an anti-getting-skinny-for-hollywood stance after ‘titanic’, she was so cool on ‘extras’, and now she’s got gigantic boobs, she’s one of the few i really like.

      • She practices parental alienation. 3 kids from 3 different men (iirc) and she doesn’t allow any of them to see their kids. I hate that shit.

        It’s a shame too because I was a big fan.

      • Johnny Barbells

        eeeeewwwww… that is fucked up… damnnit… see, this is why i stick with Coco, at least with her you know right up front she’s just a gold-digging attention-whore, but hey, all things considered, i can totally live with that.

  4. JimBB

    They’re doing the Hollywood Fake Hug Ritual of Shal’mor!!! If you keep watching carefully, they’re going to pull out their daggers soon!

  5. “Watch it! Your bony arms almost pooped my pregnancy boobs!”

  6. I thought that was Courtney Love

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