1. *checks age of Debby Ryan on Wikipedia*


  2. Pretty soon they’ll start pushing Debby as the next Miley or Selena. That should be fun.

  3. Dox

    I didn’t know Mexicans could be orange.

  4. Very nice of these two ladies to pitch in and help hold him up.

  5. JimBB

    Wow, they let the help dress nice around there.

  6. Has George Lopez given his ex wife her kidney back?

  7. That’s one way to make white girls look whiter

  8. Debby Ryan = poor man’s Jennifer Lawrence.

  9. Do you think they ever got the orange stain off the casino carpet?

  10. Why is George Lopez’s head three times the size of Debby Ryan’s?

  11. Hurry up and take the picture! there’s a spot on the floor with my name all over it

  12. They both look terrified that he is going to drug them and steal one of their kidneys. He has to have just about used up the one his wife gave him by now.

  13. Future George Lopez kidneys (R), George Lopez, and future George Lopez kidneys(L) at The 2nd Annual Norma Jean Gala in Beverly Hills. (March 18, 2014)


  14. I sure hope those ladies destroyed those dresses after that piece of shit touched them.

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