1. jep

    Vagisil will clear that right up.

  2. “Dear Diary, 11:07pm… still no penis.”

  3. A GI Joe with “Life-like hair” AND “Kung Fu grip?!?” Let the bidding begin gentlemen.

  4. Dox

    Fucking Lindsay….. Fucking Crabs….

  5. Same effect the Maggie Q pic had on me.

  6. rican

    WTF is Ben Affleck up to now?

  7. JimBB

    I’m confused. Is he going for the terrorist look or the pedophile look? It can’t be both, right?

  8. They Call me – Wait for it – Douche Bag

  9. You know he’s a douche because the other Backstreet Boys gave him a wedgie

  10. A.J. McLean = modern day Mike Love. (ie total doucheness)

  11. That is one smooth forehead.

  12. Schadenfreude

    Those Depends really do ride up on you.

  13. Apparently the peepee dance is popular in Paris.

  14. donkeylicks

    “Performing”… sure..

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