1. Dox

    “Appletini…. stirred, not shaken.”

  2. “Enjoy your roofie colada, Ms Brook”

  3. Capt Obvious

    Beautiful face, killer tits, but am I the only one who thinks that she looks only slightly more fit than a Kardashian?

    Queue the fat female commenter shrieking “she’s a real woman!”…as soon as she gets the cake out of her fucking mouth.

    • Dr. Badtouch, child proctologist

      Oh captain, my captain!

      You know them so, so well… What’s your secret? You’re fucking one, aren’t you?

  4. Just wondering, is anyone keeping track of how many consecutive days she has appeared in TCWM? Must be at least fifty by now.

  5. Johnny Barbells

    …wait …is that Cee-lo? …over there, behind the lamp? KELLY!!! NO!!!

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