1. I’ve had dreams like this where I’m invisible, so naturally I take off any random chick’s clothes and get all squeezy in boob-town; only to realize that I’m NOT invisible and everyone CAN see me!

  2. The subtle sign that a woman is prepared to allow an advance to “second base.”

  3. tito

    tyler perry presents: tyler perry is a production assistant.

  4. “Let me just grab a little of that titty meat”

  5. Is Charles Barkley gonna have to choke a bitch.

  6. I admire his determination.

  7. “Amy what are you looking for in a man?”
    “An official looking headset. That’s all it takes.”

  8. Damn Charles Barkley, just because you are black does not mean you have to do shit that is not in your job description because you are afraid they will fire you.

  9. Capt Obvious

    Killer funny…but I can see why Will wanted out. She looks like a major bull buster as a wife…and not in a good way. No worries, rock on Amy.

  10. Are we sure that’s not Chelsea Handler?

  11. You know, she’s never tried Colonel Angus, but darned if she isn’t willing to give Enil Angus a go.

  12. fred

    “It’s okay white people. I asked him to!”

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