1. Fish, “lady friend”? That’s like saying Russell Simmons has acquaintances…

  2. tito

    this is like those chris paul state farm commercials, only about eddie murphy.

  3. She’s got that Coca Cola bottle figure. Good catch, Tommy.

  4. Eejut

    Lady friend? He’s panhandling.

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    Even a poor man’s David Spade gets women in Hollywood.

  6. JimBB

    Next is the part where he starts threatening to call INS if she won’t take his $16 offer.

  7. “Can’t a brother get a handjob for a frappuccino?”

  8. Shocked to see that body with him. Just shocked.

  9. Rule #1: Never, ever, ever wear socks and sandals.

  10. Capt Obvious

    You can do better Tommy. Get your shit together.

  11. Cal

    Like they say, behind every successful black man, is a white woman.
    But wait…
    Oh… Maybe he is trying to achieve success someday!

  12. A little fabric softener would do wonders for those pantlegs, lady.

  13. “Look, I swear my In Living Color residual check will be here by Friday and I will pay you then, okay?”

  14. Motorboat Captain

    Lisa Kudrow’s looking rough these days.

  15. fred

    “Baby, please. All I said was, if you can wear those sweat pants, I can wear these sandels with socks.”

  16. “You were born after In Living Color went off the air?”

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