1. karlito

    she doesn’t look at all like Kirsten Dunst.

  2. Mike Hockhurtz

    Enough of Adele already.

  3. Let me guess, she gassed on about how hard it is to have huge breasts for 30 minutes?

  4. Not Lisa Lampanelli? Get the fuck out of here!

  5. “Why? You can see my tits for free in the movie Melancholia, streaming Netflix.”

  6. She should be proud. She’s got some nice fucking tits.

  7. “How can that be? Shouldn’t there be the same number on both sides? One … two … three … “

  8. I count at least 6 chins in this photo.

  9. I’m coming to her defense in this one. This is a bad close up with a natural smile. This woman has one of the most beautiful skin complexions like Jessica Chastain or Emily Browning. This is by far the worst pic I’ve seen of her, but it’s not scary or fat.

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