1. Did Paula Deen spill ketchup on her hair?

  2. contusion

    Bring me Solo and the Wookiee. They will all suffer for this outrage.

  3. “Call me ‘Adele’ one more time and I will swallow you whole.”

  4. Jade

    “.. and then my sister got cast for ANOTHER role, and she got all the fame. And she’s so skinny and pretty, and I am just a bitter old hag, and I’m tired of being bitter ALL the time.”

  5. “So, what’s your next album about Wynonna?”
    “Ranch Dressing”

  6. hibby

    I’ll take Judds I would never bang for $50, Alex.

  7. Does her obstetrician know she’s on a dancing show?

  8. “How long have you been pregnant?”
    “Thirty years!”

  9. “Wait…You think I’m Lindsay Lohan?”

  10. Phoenix

    Looks like she’s been snacking on Willy Wonka’s orange flavored gum again.

  11. She’s got the desperate Kirstie Alley “What am I going to eat next?” look…

  12. Somehow she came to the conclusion, after looking in a mirror, that the thing she needed to do to improve her appearance was dye her hair some awful shade of orange. oh yeah, that did the trick.

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