1. karlito

    another one who hopped the crazy train.

  2. contusion

    Just because you have the leeway to get away with anything you want doesn’t always mean you should.

  3. Deacon Jones

    I bet the pillow talk with him is enthralling.

  4. Inner Retard

    Unknown to Heather Joaquin sometimes pays a hobo to take his place and have sex with her while he secretly watches. This is one of those days.

  5. Leave it to rich douchebags to dress like a homeless person as a fashion statement.

  6. The Phoenix clan is from the hills..

  7. That dude is a trip.

  8. B

    Is that Anthony Kiedis’ baby-mama???

  9. I am not Joaquin Phoenix, but if I was, I would not fuck that. At all.

  10. Seriously, why does he try so hard to look like shit?

  11. Joaquin Phoenix is such a talented actor, yet every time I see him I have to wonder if possibly the wrong Phoenix sibling died.

    • Trek Girl

      When you consider how he grew up, his behavior and the way he dresses isn’t that surprising. Check out his Wikipedia page if you want to know more. It’s a short, interesting read.

  12. Only in California can someone who looks damn near homeless be a top actor that is probably worth about $50 million.

  13. Girl

    He’s doing the Morrison thing, only it’s been done. Movie ends with a cluttered graveyard in Paris.

  14. So this chick is admitting she’s a whore, right? Because that guy looks like a fucking bum and he’s mentally ill, and he must smell terrific. Would she date an actual vagrant? No. But a hobo with a fat wallet? Absolutely.

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