1. Meg's Attitude

    Frightened rabbit stare

  2. Do shirts normally bunch up like that? Or did he just have something wrapped around up there to pop a vein?

  3. The Dude

    Caught trying to jack off into the glove compartment again.

  4. Inner Retard

    Wow, he’s still high from all those drugs.

  5. Luisa Lopilato

    I normally question overachievers who at some point in time faced physical disabilities which required drug treatments. I simply distrust them for obvious reasons. So, the hell with Stephen Hawking.

  6. “Wait a minute! Where are my balls???”

  7. hibby

    “Anyone wanna score an ounce of my piss? Anyone? It will get you out-of-your-mind high, plus strip hair off a wookie! I’m lookin’ at you Khloe!”

  8. GUILTY! (pro tip: if your doing any sort of cheating – on your wife, etc – dont look like this!)

  9. I hate this motherfucker. He played the whole world — especially the USA — for fucking fools. I wouldn’t piss in his mouth if his throat was on fire!

  10. If you think only some stupid fucking drugs made him able to win 7 damn championships you are all idiots. Clearly he had the talent and the will. Seeing as probably half the other riders were taking drugs, maybe even more than half, and they still could not beat him, then he is still the champion in my book.

  11. ” My god ! Soylent green is made of people !

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