1. contusion

    Seriously, this is as wide as I can open. Now go ahead and putin.

  2. Hank E. Ring

    I assume those are not gag teeth, but the genuine English variety.

  3. HHahahah!!! TEETH!

  4. Caroline

    Those are some choppers.

  5. hibby

    so, the pollock says, “The jew already took it!”

  6. I never realized how much Prince Andrew looks like Jerry Van Dyke. I guess form really does follow function.

  7. This guy banged Sarah Jessica Parker and 9 months later she birthed the screenplay to “War Horse”.

  8. here’s your ‘Nessie” Scotland!!

  9. WTF, is he a goddamn Lycan?

  10. “Braces and dental work, you say?!?!?!” “HAHAHAHHAHAHA”

  11. Does his left pinky not bend from years of daintily drinking tea?

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