1. Swearin

    “Oh thank God, I still have my FOX money. Thought I lost it again.”

  2. Juch

    “Nah, I’m not drunk, fock yuuze. Now, has anybody seen my giant scarf?”

  3. JimBB

    The airport lost his luggage. Luckily for him “Pretentious-Pricks-r-Us” had a London store.

  4. J

    “Can someone please point me to the nearest Christmas tree?”

  5. “What? I’m not high. Oooooh Macarena!”

  6. JungleRed

    This whole “Dis how chicken look” thing is going too far.

  7. “Can I pee here?”
    “Yes sir. The bathroom is-”
    (puddle forms around Kiefer’s leg)

  8. journalschism


  9. FritoBandito

    Turning around to smell his own fart.

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