1. Swearin

    Aw, he taught Rhea Perlman how to sit.

  2. Okay, is this a California thing? People take their fucking dog to restaurants, wineries, etc. Can some people around the States (or world) weigh in?

    • Yes, it is a CA thing. However, it’s the least of California’s many problems.

    • It’s not a CA thing, people do this shit everywhere in the US. Portland…Seattle…Chicago…I’ve seen people bring their dogs into grocery stores and dental offices, when it was more than apparent that the dog was not a guide dog of any sort.

      Generally not a big deal as long as the dog is well-behaved, although I’m pretty sure they’re not supposed to be INSIDE restaurants/grocery stores due to health code reasons.

      Also, not just a US thing…spend some time in London/the UK, I’m pretty sure the British love their dogs even more than we do.

      • thx for the feedback. Dogs are fine, I love mine, but It drives me nuts to see something that licks it’s ass, crotch and constantly emits a plume of invisible dander into a restaurant/grocery store.

      • Corey feldman

        I resent that!

      • Uh, not in my experience. I see people bringing rat dogs that fit into their purses in grocery stores and restaurants in LA, but larger dogs who won’t fit into a satchel or handbag? Tied up outside.

        An outdoor café like this is sort of gray area since there are people walking their dogs on the sidewalk right past the tables, so to insist that you can’t be seated outside with your dog is kind of ridiculous – nobody actually asks, so no one has to say no, and the waitstaff will generally discretely bring your pooch some water, which is what they’ve done here. But bringing a larger dog like this inside a restaurant in LA? No way.

  3. coljack

    “I’m not the only midget with his dog in this gallery? How is that possible?”

  4. If him and Jonah Hill got together, what would they sound like?

    “Georgie, georgie…..”
    “Hey, is that Leo!? Oh nevermind”
    “Leo!! Hey you!”

  5. It’s nice to see Danny and Perla back together again.

  6. Don Draper's Dad

    Danny had fallen on hard times. As Dinklage started taking all the good midget roles in Hollywood, Danny slid down the prostitution food chain until landing on the jerking off geriatric dogs position.

  7. Motorboat Captain

    “I don’t know how many years on this Earth I got left. I’m gonna get really weird with it. Meanwhile, block the wind. I’m gonna give this dog a bone.”

  8. PassingTrue

    Waiting on a foursome with Dinklege and his dog.

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