1. tito

    mick jagger doesn’t look impressed.

  2. he released two movies on the way to the interview

  3. Tyler Perry at “Tyler Perry Presents: Tyler Perry’s Good Morning Tyler Perry”

    Tyler Perry

  4. Ralph

    Tyler, go suck on one of Oprah’s tits (again).

  5. Hey, is that Clay Aiken in a couple years?

  6. renotastic

    Hey Tyler! Questlove called! He wants his fucking thighs back!

  7. crb

    “THERE HE IS! That’s the monstrosity making all those f**king sh**ty ‘She-can’t-do-no-wrong-married-married-Brown-pr[a]y-churchy-single-mom-worse-marriage-neighbor-wrong-family-worse-brown-brown-Medea-brown-married-Medea’-movies!!! Brothers! Sisters! Women! Children! FOR THE GOOD OF PLANET EARTH! Join with me and beat this sonofabitch to death with your shoes before he produces again! AHH-TAAAACK!!!”

    • Um, it’s Madea. Medea is a character in Greek mythology who killed her children to punish her faithless husband.
      Now go take your valium, ok?

      • crb

        You actually have both the pitiful vapid life and the gall to know some idiotic detail about this dreck-slinging numpty,

        -And then correct me on it?!??


        …Too bad Your mother wasn’t named Medea.

      • So let me get this straight…You’re the one who brought a rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth, highly-detailed diatribe against this hack here, and then you accuse me of not only having “the gall” to know anything about the same public figure on a gossip blog, but also of having a “pitiful vapid life” because I’ve seen a DVD title and not only have enough memory retention, as well as a decent grasp of the classics, to know how to spell each one correctly? Riiight.

        Clearly the outrage is because no one in your little universe ever dares to “correct” you on anything. Yeah, “wow”, indeed. Good luck with those pitifully obvious mommy issues, and try cracking a fucking book once in a while.

    • And you spelled Earf wrong.

  8. Hey, he must make large money…he’s got Mick Jaggar as one of his groupies.

  9. “Hey! You said you’d give me five bucks if I let you blow me!!”

  10. “Tyler Perry don’t need no damn belt! Now one side, Steven Tyler, it’s time to strut!”

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