1. Does it taste like sweat and Astroglide?

  2. Do want to drink anything that has his name on it?

  3. renotastic

    Wish he had a tequila. That’s a worm I’d like to see!

  4. “Yeah, I’ll come on these. You have coke, right?”

  5. “Ok. First I’ll sign your tits, then you sign mine.”

  6. Just another day in the life of a Walmart greeter.

  7. Is this a celebrity signing event or a sexual assault?

  8. “Oh geez, I’m sorry, I — OH MY GOD A BOOBIE! I TOUCHED A BOOBIE!”

  9. Next up: Mama June

  10. coljack

    “Oh, you said *price* check on Aisle 3, not breast check. My bad!”

  11. MZ MIZRY

    he makes his own rum?
    you know if hes not on lilo’s list yet, he will be.

  12. When the Hedgehog wants to see your tit, you whip it out…

  13. Sinjin

    That photo seems to have captured the exact moment when that women realized this was “a very bad idea”.

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