1. “What’d you say? Say hi to my motha? Who told you to say that? Was it Markie?”

  2. Swearin

    Alright, new menu idea for Wahlburgers!

  3. Oh cool, a detective show set in New York.

  4. *click* “You’re a stool pigeon.” *send*

  5. TheJoaker

    Naw Mahkie, I gat a jahb now. Look I’m outside! It’s a Fahkin bahd!

  6. Pshaaaw

    *types* “Jenny, baby, can I get autism from touching a pigeon?” *send.*

  7. “whoa…a pigin in New Yawk city?? I gotta get a picture of that!”

  8. I thought it was only the Chinese that took pictures of their meal.

  9. You can tell it is Donny because if it was Mark that little incident with the bird would have gone down completely different like.

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