1. I can’t ever badmouth Tina.

  2. Yes. I would. A million times, yes.

  3. Ralph

    Ah,,,What with the silhouette? Spankx to tight or have them just slipped?

  4. I bet she has a weird looking vagina. I dub thee…Ugly Vagina Woman! Now, go forth, and do good deeds for thy kingdom, with your unsightly vah-jay…that horrible looking, Oprah-tastic, car accident of a tinkle-taco, with matching dusty, shriveled ovaries. Begone from thine sight, least I be sickened in the presence of your lavender waffle. I beseech you, begone! (Nah, seriously…I’d do her in da butt). :D

  5. My nerd boner rageth

  6. JimBB

    I wonder if she steals her dresses from Rachael Dratch too, just like she stole most of her SNL bits, TV shows, etc.

  7. Got her tits done. Nice.

  8. A hauntingly unattractive woman who will never be funny.

  9. Tina will always be a Jocie Grossie…not matter how ‘sucessful’.

  10. omgdatass

    She’s got the same sad white girl problem… Really nice large wide hips, but not enough ass to back it up.

  11. Several years later Tina Fey will point to this picture and say, “I tried to be sexy once… it didn’t go so well”.

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