1. Adam

    I feel less dirty from this angle.

  2. That’s right, ladies… have a good cry. Get all that shame and regret out. Don’t wreck your make-up though – you’re on in five.

  3. Sin

    Oh, NOW I recognise them.

  4. The Brown Streak

    So you thought you could outwit the imperious forc….gasp…You idiots! These are not them! You’ve photographed their stunt doubles! After them! Find them!

  5. Memo to all London Fire Stations:
    If an alarm call comes in from the hotel the Shannon sisters are staying in, it is imperative that HazMat suits be issued to all responders.

  6. cc

    ‘See Karissa? Look how even the gaps are between these tiles? Notice how there’s no grout on the tiles themselves? This is quality workmanship!’

    See what I mean? They are the new Mike Holmes.

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