1. B&WMinstrel

    As an exercise in self control let’s try and get through the five of these without anyone mentioning the obvious ‘Bend Over’

  2. Cock Dr

    Are tragic eyes a common trait in Slovakian women?

  3. John Travolta

    Cmon guys….nothing to look at here….her ass shits just like yours.

  4. gooch

    Her last name isn’t “Benova,” that’s just what everyone asks her to do.

  5. ‘seriously if this guy pushes me into position one more time……’
    I will shove this camera so far up his ass the KGB will never find it.

  6. Contusion

    She looks like she seriously couldn’t give a shit.

  7. “Well, if it isn’t little miss yummy butt. Who died and made her queen?”

    “I’m thinking that was God.”

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