1. guttboy

    Perpetually perplexed.

  2. Frank Burns

    Not pictured, to the right: Dr. Bunsen Honeydew

  3. Chris

    You say I’m married to a what now?

  4. Someone Else

    Josh is confused by Ryan’s gaze. One would think Ryan would know Josh likes trannies, not gay midgets.

  5. Not pictured, his urologist announcing that Josh doesn’t have to worry, he doesn’t have prostate cancer.

  6. AKA the Lesser Olyphant.

  7. So Josh Duhamel, Ryan Seacrest and Mario Lopez walk into a gay bar…

  8. I think he just walked in on Seacrest and Mario Lopez.

  9. ZZZ

    He’s like a Walmart version of the awesome Timothy Olphant.

  10. LockNLoad

    “My wife’s a dude? WHAT?”

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