1. jorge

    never thought of him as having an “outie”

  2. He’s looking a lot more like Jonah Hill’s dad than MIra Sorvino’s.

  3. His gut looks rock solid.

  4. Judging by his belly button I’d day the baby is ready to drop

  5. He’s glowing. When’s he due?

  6. Paulie may have moved slow, but it was only because Paulie didn’t have to move for anybody.

  7. Wtf.

    People still play tennis?

  8. Hit belly button has Hamm syndrome.

  9. Proof that there is no God. I mean, really, if we were designed intelligently, would all his weight collect in his gut and not be more evenly distributed to the lower half of his body?

  10. alex

    Okay, is his belly just one giant breast? I think its cold in LA…

  11. The Dude


    B-dee b-dee b-deet
    That’s All Folks !!!

  12. Congratulations.

  13. Sweet penis-button! I’m surprised he never found a carer in porn. He’d be a one-man DP machine!

  14. KC

    If you cover up everything but his gut it actually looks like a sexy boob.

  15. Babe Ruth played for the Brewers ?

  16. “Hey, Paulie, is that a hernia?
    “Yeah, it is.
    “Then go wash your hands and make me a ham sandwich.”

  17. Ray Bones From Miami

    Paul “My Future involves Diabetes” Sorvino!

  18. Uncle Rodney

    From this angle, you can really see how Tara Reid’s plastic surgery went wrong.

  19. Fingergod

    I didn’t know Babe Ruth was still alive!

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