1. Thank you, pokie fairy.

  2. “Caught ya lookin, Brotha man!” And who can blame him. Smokin’ hot!

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    How long until someone figures out the black guy doesn’t even work there?

  4. diego

    It’s just too bad she has the knees of 50 year old housewife… her expiration date is rapidly approaching

  5. Goddamn, she’s sexy. No two ways about it.

  6. Satan's Right Hand

    Even Jaleel White behind her can’t stop looking

  7. Caroline

    Good to the waist, below that it’s no mans land.

  8. One Tree Hill

    Ugly legs…. Spit…sPit….Spit…spit….

  9. An ass that can be fully appreciated on a pic taken from the front is a remarkable ass indeed.

  10. Alexxx

    Why does this photo remind me of sausage…?

  11. Good lord. Even the black dude knows wassup.

  12. She’s got the legs of a 60-year-old

  13. hmmm. sexy as hell but pushing the envelope. the envelope of ‘too tight’.

  14. Contusion

    There is no question this is an attractive girl. But that ass and legs are going to be one big cottage cheese factory faster than you can say Kardashian.

  15. I guess it’s been kind of cold in Los Angeles. Either that, or she can’t get me out of her mind.

  16. cc

    You can practically see the thought bubble over his head ‘Shit, I’d love to see her in nothing but the thong she’s got on underneath’….or words to that effect.

  17. Her ass is amazing…at least that’s what I assume from the black dudes eyes.

  18. LockNLoad

    JLove called, she wants her legs back (I’d give them back).

  19. black_guy

    Yup. Black guy in the background saying it all with his eyes.

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