1. Hillary Clinton looked better in a pantsuit than this COW. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  2. By the looks of Kim’s heel there, I’m surprised that she’s not punching holes in the concrete as she walk.

    That or the heel itself shattering into a million fragments.

  3. This is even funnier when you realize “Wasser” is German for “water”. You know…as in “pee video”.

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    Damn… all of my lawyers looks like Richard Schiff.

  5. Cock Dr

    Porn star….now married but carrying another man’s child. She’s quite the role model.

  6. Hello early 90s, you fat shit!

  7. “Dees ah dee boots ah used to knock wit ma housekeepa”

  8. My lawyer never holds hands with me.

  9. I hope she’s going to sue whoever sold her that pant suit!

  10. Stev

    It sucks when a photo of a fit and trim celebrity in a stylish dress is ruined by the inclusion of her dumpy lawyer in a baggy pantsuit.

  11. Ass and asshole.

  12. oh look Ms. Wasser has been working out. *barf*

  13. Nothing strange going on here. I hold hands with all of my clients.. Carry on.

  14. anonymous

    Kim K looks like the brat that ate that purple gum from Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

  15. KC

    After helping Kim her lawyer, aka Laura 5, hunted down “runners” who defied Carousel.

  16. “Georgio, I will debrief you now.”

  17. anonym

    she’s fucking hideous.

    It will be funny when she can’t shed her baby weight

  18. Along the same line with what McFeely Smackup said, I was thinking that none of my lawyers ever held hands with me. But then I remembered that a few times I smoked some incredible weed with my last lawyer. And when he defended me on my last DUI the only fee he requested was a gram of cocaine. He died of a heart attack a few years later.

  19. cc

    Her unborn child has already filed a restraining order against her.

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