1. jorge

    my mommy is a c*nt

  2. Run! Run as fast as you can. She’s nuts.

  3. B&WMinstrel

    Through Hollywood and out the other end; she’s the Kopi Luwak of Tinseltown.

  4. Mommy says the white man is the devil…

  5. johnny P!

    “Call the police!”

  6. Juch

    “Get me some gummy bears and a bottle of chocolate milk, old man, or I’ll tell mommy’s boyfriend to kick your ass.”

  7. “Can I come live with you?”

  8. She already drew up papers to sue this random man.

  9. “The bitch is crazy”

  10. “You’ll get something called ‘Gonorrhea” like my last three ‘uncles.’ So you’d better run, mister.”

  11. wiw


  12. “I left an upper decker in your bathroom toilet!”

  13. Get a new haircut, I’m tired of your ears.

  14. Alexxx

    For a second I thought it was a tan Justin Bieber

  15. “She’s crazy, run for your life”

  16. “Mister, you have to give me a thousand dollars or else I’ll start screaming and tell everyone you touched my “privacy” area between my legs and on my butt…”

  17. cc

    ‘Pssst, don’t make any sudden movements, she’s batshit.’

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