1. B&WMinstrel

    These pics have been up for the last three hours. (Yesterday’s TCWM and scroll left in the carousel.)
    At this stage ribbing you about the new CMS would be like picking on a special needs kid i.e., a lot more fun than you’re led to believe.

  2. So you’re moving to France huh? Better learn how to calculate 1/4 of everything you make :)
    Happy trails man with a thousand feet…

    • Kojak

      Better than Brasil.
      Here is 27% over what you made.
      And 60% over anything you buy.
      I know…
      It’s almost unbelievable.
      “You can escape from the old world, but you can’t escape from latin way of tax your money!”

  3. Frank Burns

    U for Unleaded

  4. Very sexy woman. She got rid of the baby weight instantly. Now she’s sexier than ever.

  5. Just saw Jon Hamm’s penis

  6. I don’t know what it is, but before she had the kid and hooked up with a “dancer”, she was hot. Now? Now she’s just an average mom you see at daycare. Weird.

  7. Joe Mahma

    When it comes to sex appeal, Portman is pretty inert.

  8. Her sex appeal has been on a downward slide since The Professional.

  9. kurgen99

    I think she is super hot.

  10. Satan's Right Hand

    I think she is hot. Soccer Mom hot but still hot.

  11. JungleRed

    Is a sudden moment of clarity, Natalie realizes that she is now Mrs. Millepied. She wonders how far that tank of gas will take her.

  12. Don’t understand Jews that drive German cars. I never thought about it until I talked to my neighbor one day about how come he had Jaguars and Lexus but never any BMWs or Benzes. He told me his wife is Jewish and she forbade him from ever driving a German car. Kind of makes sense.

    • Thank God no Americans drive Japanese cars.

      • Are you seriously comparing what the Japanese did to America to what the Germans did to the Jews? If anything the Japanese here got the worst of it in the end, not to mention the Japanese in Japan that got hit with not one, but two atom bombs. That would make more sense as to why you rarely see a Japanese or any Asian person for that matter driving an American car.

      • Why would the Japanese buy American cars when they have so many good Japanese car companies?

      • A more logical reason you don’t see a lot of Japanese driving American cars is that American car manufacturers refuse to move the steering wheel to the correct side of the car for Japanese drivers. They drive on the opposite side than we do.

      • c’mon uncle phil – no need to perpetuate the stereotype of bad asian drivers. they end up driving on the wrong side because their eyes are too slanty to see where they’re going.

    • detectivedee

      Lots of Jewish people are of German descendence. They still stick to the German cultural heritage, no matter how much it was abused.

  13. detectivedee

    Watch, Selena Gomez, and learn.

  14. Ornky

    i would make sensitive love to her for days but i wouldn’t become invested in her personal values.

  15. Dave

    She is super beautiful and sexy. Plus she pumps her own gas? Hot.

  16. The Royal Penis

    That’s a rockin’ ass.

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