1. Hello bright eyes.

  2. “Would someone please get Mr. Fox a juicebox and Jenga to play with.”

  3. Matt Lauer: Who’s gonna give me a straight shave?

    Not this guy!

  4. “This guy! Trying to hook me up with Tina Yothers.”

  5. He’s on “Today” to shake things up.

  6. “Make him say Mallory again!”

  7. “Vanilla shake please.”

  8. “Here he is, Rush! All yours!”

  9. Satan's Right Hand

    Hey, I just scared Michael so bad he’s shaking!!!!

  10. “Savannah just asked me if this was George Stephanopoulos.”

  11. Karin

    Michael J. Fox is still a cutie.

  12. Nahla warned me, so I gave Halle his number instead of mine.

  13. anonym

    The face of a douchebag

  14. “You know what, guys? Rush Limbaugh was right on.”

  15. Frank Burns

    “Somebody needs to switch to decaff!”

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