1. ty

    What a douchebag !!!

  2. farrellthib

    Just asking to be smacked

  3. karlito

    whenever i see this hose bag and his pitifull attempts to grab attention, i feel embarrassed to be a Canadian….eh!!

  4. There are so many things wrong with this

  5. cuddles

    At first glance I thought the stair rail behind him was some sort of earring. That would have been less ridiculous than everything else he’s wearing.

  6. “Stick my head in your ass, Usher??? Uh uh.. Not this time….”

  7. I guess when grown women throw themselves at you, you can dress like Boy George

  8. Mommy, mommy, look! It’s SpongeBob Queerpants!

  9. Two watches and probably both worth more than my house.

    Like I needed any other reason to hate this dick!

  10. Bonky

    Justin’s whole line of clothing is now available at the “Big Boy Shop”, at Sears.

  11. Mr. Poop

    someone needs to beat the shit out of this little fucker

  12. Can’t touch this!

  13. Jade

    If Urkle was white.

  14. John Travolta

    What a dumbfuck.

  15. Cock Dr

    We can only dream that later in the day a stoned Bieber accidentally sits down hard on that hat.

  16. Rick

    Never has such a person deserved a back-hand bitch-slap as this little douche nozzle.

  17. I feel trolled by this kid everytime I see him.

  18. journalschism

    Hey look, it’s a ‘Despicable Me’ minion!

  19. I hope he trips over his saggy diaper pants and impales himself on that stupid hat.

  20. I want to take that hat off of his head and slap him across the face with it.

  21. “What… Will i am dressed me.”

  22. He needs to get smote. Smitten? Smited? Whatever… hide him in Pistorius’ bathroom and let nature take its course.

  23. I look at the pictures here almost every day to laugh and feel better about myself. This picture, though, makes me feel angry.

  24. Mark B

    Everybody is perfect at something. For instance, Justin here can perfectly blend both queer and douchey.

  25. cc

    Just think….he spent his formative years a couple hours from me. Some timely intervention and this could all have been prevented. Sorry for letting you all down, but how was I to know?

  26. The Dude

    Within 7 years of his agent embezzling his fortune,
    he’ll be drinking Coors Lite in his trailer next door to Erin Moran.

    You’ll see…

  27. Fucking amazing, he managed to out-douche both of Will Smith’s kids, Terrence Howard and Colin Farrell all combined. That takes some amazing talent.

  28. Vlad

    I never knew Urkel was the construction guy with the Village People

  29. Cody42

    Is this motherfucker wearing a bedazzled construction hat? Fuck me, why do I have to be Canadian? Such an embarrassment.

  30. Skippy86

    He continues to redefine the term “douche bag”

  31. “I tawt I saw a puddy-tat”

  32. Bouncy Castle

    Dear Canada

    Please send Yannick Bisson and we’ll return Bieber to you post haste.



  33. It’s like he fell into Perez Hilton’s super gay closet and then walked back out with confidence.

  34. CK

    Seriously, what’s the thing with two watches? is he too lazy to look twice in case he looks at the wrong wrist first?

  35. meeps!

    Dear Abby,
    My 3-year-old loves this box of rocks.
    So, put her up for adoption…?
    - Music is dead

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