1. karlito

    she must be pissed to see Clooney at the Oscars and she’s not there with him but some lady wrestler is. i think her face says it all.

  2. contusion

    She has money of her own?

  3. She is really getting frustrated with that payphone.

  4. “Hey, I got some change…in this pocket…right here.” *Pulls out the middle finger*

  5. She’s been having trouble figuring out how to park her car ever since the gravy train left.

  6. Steve-O tainted.

  7. Hey, don’t get all pissed off… Steve-O dumped you, not us.

  8. “Yeah. Steve-O.. . . Don’t judge me.”

  9. If she had not banged Steve-O she might have had a chance to still date A List men, she fucked that up royally. Next time hire a publicist or a manager to keep you from fucking up like that.

  10. Vladimir

    Nice tribal band.

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