1. contusion

    She posted the pic, but obviously it’s not her. Right?

  2. I liked photo until i realized who it was.

  3. Cock Dr


    • Athr

      You seriously come on and type that every time about Kim K? What a pathetic and worthless life you have. Fck off.

      • ThisWillHurt

        That’s right! How dare you make fun of celebrities on a website that makes fun of celebrities! No one has ever said “moo” in reference to Kim Kardashain, and no one ever will! NO ONE!

      • Nope. This fcking loser comes on every single time and types the same thing. How much of a psycho does one need to be to actually do that? Yeah, probably stalker-type.

      • Y’know, it’s not like she (yes, Cock Dr is a she) only comes on this site to post “MOO” on the Kim K. pics and then runs away until the next one. Like many of the regular Superficial commenters, she reads pretty much every blog post and goes through the whole TCWM gallery, and comments when she’s inspired to. Including, but hardly limited to, the Kim K. posts.

        You mean she reads everything on this site and goes through all the photo galleries? And she’s NOT living a pathetic and worthless life?

        Hmm. Point taken.

      • (If it’s not apparent, that last line was at least as much a self-reflection as it was anything about Cock Dr, as I’m at least as guilty of spending way too much time on this site as she is.)

      • contusion


      • tlmck

        The only pathetic and worthless people I know are fans of the Kardashians.

      • cc

        It makes me laugh and my penis much bigger than yours, so there.

      • Cock Dr’s “MOO” comments always make me giggle.

  4. “Good thing I have 5,835,620 more pictures of myself, because I will NEVER look like this again. Ever.”

  5. Taken when she was only a fame whore-in-training?

  6. wilts easily

    who want to chase Kayne’s genetic blueprint?

  7. Jade

    “Everyone remember me like this, because I’m about to blow up like a whale, and I don’t think there’s going to be any going back.”

  8. ThisWIllHurt

    Kim Kardashian in the porn parody “Black Swine.”

  9. johnnyu

    Sorry, again I have to post ♪♪ yesterday ♪♪

  10. Louise P

    the ironic hing is most whores go down in value when knocked up, this one increases. Should be a new TV show in trying to guess the father

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