1. B&WMinstrel

    Fish Swallows Camel! Pictures at 11.

  2. contusion

    Camel inversion!

  3. Oh, how sad. That pool had that chemical in it that turns back whenever it comes in contact with urine.

  4. “Well that’s odd…I was just sitting on Louie Anderson’s shoulders a few seconds ago.”

  5. Wait…if she’s here, who is watching Kate’s kids?

  6. goon


  7. That thing will swallow you whole.

  8. Fishballs

    That’s not a camel toe. That’s a camel chasm!

  9. cc

    She’s jumping into the same thing the T1000 fell into…I hope?

  10. Vlad

    Prolapsed Camel Toe

  11. CK

    ok, who turned on that hotel-room-black-light-semen-spotter?

  12. meeps!

    So how come cold water makes a man’s junk shrink…?

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