1. Stay classy San Diego and Carey Hart.

  2. ThisWIllHurt

    “How dare you take pictures of my perfectly innocent bike ride with my family from an ignorable distance! I’ll show you!”

  3. goon

    Those bicycle messengers stole my baby!!

  4. Pff

    Does that loser think the paps are following him? listen pal, you just happen to be there. Nobody cares who you are, where you came from or what you do in life.

  5. Call me crazy, but I think Willow’s gonna turn out all right.

  6. cc

    It’s a subtle distinction but there is ‘flipping the bird’ and ‘flipping the douchefinger’. Can you see it? It’s wearing a baseball cap.

  7. I am guessing he was not a fan of our comments calling his wife a man yesterday. Understandable. She still looks like a man. though.

  8. Personally I like it, is exactly what i would do.

  9. Pine Table Fever

    ‘…now listen to this wheeze, chaps. I was out with my good *ahem* lady wife and family and whilst partaking in a spot of physical activeness on my new velocipede this absolute rotter from the scandal sheets appeared with his electric picture capture contraption. I was livid! How dare this oaf intrude upon my leisure time!? I was apoplectic and disgusted and could only express my displeasure in a singular act of defiance and vulgarity. I certainly showed him!’

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