1. “Hamming” it up for the camera, I see.

  2. Outfit by Douché…
    Gloves from the Chris Brown collection

  3. “See…..next time when ah slap dat bitch girl of mine…ah wont hert ma knuckles”

  4. Baby wipes are mandatory

  5. “Terrence… Terrence! Any truth to the rumours that you’re a huge douche who… uhhhh… never mind”.

  6. maoix

    “How you doin’ Chewbacca? Still hanging around with this loser?”

  7. The pimp hand is strong with this one.

  8. The velvet blazer helped make it more formal. Really added that touch of sophistication he was looking for.

  9. If you are not 100% sure people know you are a douche, wear some driving gloves when you are not driving, that will clear up all doubt.

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