1. karlito

    the “bad boy” image is over. grab a shave and a normal haircut…you are not Spartacus

  2. contusion

    Mike Patton from Faith No More just called from 1987 and said to knock it off.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    His baby ponytail somehow outdouched Terrence Howard’s gloves.

  4. ThisWIllHurt

    Steven Seagal quickly phones his lawyer.

  5. Does he know about the sparrow nesting in his head?

  6. cc

    You go wear that in the streets of Dungannon ya cunt ya.

  7. Can someone please slap the stupid out of him?

  8. Always hated this arrogant twat.

  9. Buffalo Chips

    Did his brain just fart?

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