1. Hold still…

    let me just put some more douche on top of the other douche. We’re going for maximum douche here.

  2. malaka

    “magic mirror, how can i look more like a duchebag today?”

  3. buzz

    Getting that hairpiece to stay on must be a bitch on a warm day in LA.

  4. Capn Obvious

    I need more Spray Hair! Stat!

  5. That 3M spray adhesive is great stuff.

  6. Who the hell would go watch an Entourage movie?. Losers might.

  7. “Let’s just get your wig all fixed up there Jeremy”

  8. your tongue, my balls.

    I’m sorry Jeremy, there is enough Caboki in the world.

  9. Ian B

    “There, now no one will be able to tell this is a toupee. Er, I mean… weave, oh shit! I mean hair system… a hair system.”

  10. What is it about Entourage that makes it worthy of turning into a movie?

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