1. “Congratulations Joaquin. I’m moving you to the adult class.”

  2. I would pay money to see a toddler kick his ass…

  3. cmonreally

    “But sensei, I swear I’m ready to take down that copycat douche, Shia! Just give me a chance!”

  4. Sweep the leg, Phoenix. Do you have a problem with that?

  5. ultra

    he seems comfortable with the brown belt. matches the stain in his boxers.

  6. Black Hawk

    “Great. Now stretch the other leg for a black belt.”

  7. A green belt…that means he beat up a child, right?

  8. Can’t wait for William Zabka to kick his ass.

  9. or as Archer said, “the Dane Cook of martial arts”

  10. your tongue, my balls.

    When do I get to fight Weston Cage?

  11. Okay, I’ve pinned this twelve-year-old down…now what Woody?

  12. He’s just trying to get an orange belt so he can tie off.

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